Welcome Back and thanks for choosing us.

Our team’s priority is for you to have a great and safe visit.
We respectably request you read and follow the following guidelines to help us look after you.
Safety First Policy

⦁ On arrival please feel free to use the sanitization facilities keep your hand clean. Please feel free to use as many times as you like to on your visit
⦁ Please respect other customers and staff by applying common sense to social distancing and their personal space.
⦁ Please avoid shaking hands or close contact with anyone
⦁ We will meet and seat all customers to support social distancing. We will be leaving all front doors and windows open to improve ventilation and reduce contact with door handles etc. If you wish to be seated away from these to avoid draft, then please ask a member of staff for assistance.
⦁ Due to new layout our capacity has been reduced, so this may mean you have to que and a short wait before you are seated.
⦁ We would encourage customers to order and pay in first instance by our new Mayfair app and let us bring all food and drink to your table. Please try to use contactless payment if you order with staff or at the bar. If you go to bar to order, please que at order point and collect drinks from service point as indicated. Social distancing must be adhered to when ordering at the bar, there will be no standing allowed at the bar.
⦁ The furniture has laid out in most effective way to make sure social distancing is adhered to, please do not rearrange.
⦁ Please take notice of the signage through the premises, we need to make sure any ques for bar or toilets are compliant with social distancing, the toilets now have a capacity number. Please follow social distancing advice where there are ques and on staircases.
⦁ Children are most welcome but must always be supervised and be accompanied by an adult when using the toilets.
⦁ Cutlery and condiments will be brought to your table with your food order along with sauces you require.